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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Silverlight 3 Multi-Touch with Windows 7 and HP Touch Smart.

Inspired by the blog Silverlight 3 Multi-touch: The Basics by Tim Heuer, I thought of experimenting with it and creating a small sample. The logic is pretty simple, I have used TranslateTranform and ScaleTranform to do the movement and scaling respectively. When the TouchAction is Move we can distinguish whether it is a single touch or multi touch from the TouchPointCollection count. When it is a double touch you can calculate the change of distance between the two touch points and transform that as ScaleTransform of the Visual. Please watch the video, I shot on my office HP Touch smart machine.

Have you got a multi-touch monitor?, then run the application here and feel the Silverlight touch. You can set your browser in Full-Screen mode to get a good experience. Please note that the current Silverlight version doesn't accept Touch inputs while running in Silverlight full screen mode(ie, App.Current.Host.Content.IsFullScreen =true). You can read more on Silverlight multi touch on MSDN

Click here to run the application



Anonymous said...

..and it's hosted in Flash? For shame! ;) Nice work!

Jobi Joy said...

Oh.. you mean the Youtube video in Flash.
I should ask google to use Silverlight in Youtube :)

Tim said...

That's fun. Do you know if it is possible to capture WM_TOUCH or WM_GESTURE across the entire desktop? (In .NET 3.5SP1 or 40)

Tim said...

You can get the image to flip backwards if you cross your fingers while shrinking it.

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Gene said...

Cool, you may also find interesting MIRIA SDK: .


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