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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Desklighter - A handy tool for Silverlight

As a silverlight developer I have often come across the need to demonstrate my work to others and post it to the Silverlight community. The options we generally use are listed below

1)You can just share the entire source code as a zip.
But do you think most of the guys out there have the patience to download-compile-run the code? And sometimes you dont want to share your source code with the public.

2)Upload the application to a webserver
But you need to have a webspace and ofcourse the website should support Silverlight. People always need connectivity to the website to run your sample.

3)A new way to share Silverlight
Imagine that you could create an EXE out of Silverlight application and send that across your guys and get some comments to improve your work. This makes a silverlight application 'Offline' Sounds like a good idea?
So Desklighter is your tool to do that. Deskllighter is a free tool from identitymine

Sameer has a great post explaing more details about the desklighter

How does it work?

I just tried to convert Silverlight sample created in my previous Marquee Blog.

The conversion is as simple as the screen shot bellow. I have pointed my xap file path to desklighter tool and clicked on the 'Convert' button, I am done!. Check out the MarqueeTest.EXE file I got.

Desklighter is an application which is writen in .NET2.0 and it contains a small TCP server and a Webbrowser control, in other words it contains a small server as well as a browser.


Unknown said...

hi,jobijoy.I read your WPF Custom Controls Marquee control
it is so cool!
I see Sameer C Thiruthikad said... "Also post a link to download the complete source as a zip file.".but I can not find it and download it.
can you send it to my email
thank you very much!

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