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Friday, August 01, 2008

Podder Skinning - Another WPF Contest

For the last two weeks I was a little busy with the WPF work for the Podder Skinning Contest by Josh Smith. Josh had a great WPF application architectured to support complete UI skinning. So all I had to do was to make some controls hooked up to his Model / Commands, and give it the look - that is the beauty of XAML/WPF. There are a series of posts he had made on theCode project explaining it really well
The WPF Podcatcher Series - Part 1 (Introducing Podder)
The WPF Podcatcher Series - Part 2 (Structural Skinning)
The WPF Podcatcher Series – Part 3 (The Podcast Management Conundrum)
The competition was annouced few months back but I was not sure about my time and availability and also I was not relieved from the hang over created by the previous contest - This needs more time out of my family:). Then I heard Josh has extended the deal line to Aug 4th. This time I decided to give it a try in two weeks .

And here is the Source Code

All my ideas were around the Aero glass feature of Vista. The window will be fully resizable to any size and all the controls will resize accordingly. As far as the tools concerned I have worked almost 70% of my time with Expression blend and 20% on VS2008 and rest with Expression Graphic Design for some PNGs. For the first time I tried using expression design for creating the icons. It works really great. :)

There are still some more features to be finished, but I am leaving it for the time being. One of them is the Next and Back button not hooked up. It seems there is no ready to hook command/Property for this.


Anonymous said...

I thought ur skin really rocked!! I wonder how u missed those goodies? I wish I could develop something as good as wht u have developed in WPF!!

~~ Sandeep

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